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JavaScript. It’s difficult to find a developer on earth today who hasn’t heard this term. JavaScript is everywhere, be it desktop, smartphones or tablets. If you are connected to internet, you are most likely using JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language used to develop interactive web applications. It is used with HTML and CSS to create advanced responsive web pages. While HTML and CSS are good enough to create a fancy page, the page will be pretty static without JavaScript. JavaScript brings life to your web contents. The web is very dynamic and browsers are the king today. It is believed that web is going to be the preferred platform in times to come. Desktop based applications are being ruled out gradually. So if you are a software developer and haven’t used JavaScript yet, this is the high time you get started and avoid any possible embarrassments.? Well, being a developer and not knowing JavaScript may haunt you any time. Better late than never!

Why game changer?

There was a time when web was dumb and static before JavaScript hit the road in the mid 90s. In her childhood JavaScript was mostly used for basic stuffs like form validation, showing pop-ups and advertisements. But it kept evolving with time and story changed with the entry of AJAX in the world of internet. AJAX brought the revolution and changed the way we use internet today. Websites became more interactive and responsive. Last few years have witnessed immense improvements in UI development thanks to jQuery which revolutionized writing JavaScript code. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages on earth today which was criticized a decade ago for many reasons and JavaScript developers were treated as second class citizens. Evolution of frameworks like Backbone, Angular, React and Node is the biggest talk in recent years. Frontend developers are gaining more respect and attention than conventional Java, .NET or Ruby programmers. Server side JavaScript frameworks like NodeJS have even eliminated the necessity of traditional server side languages like Java or C#.

What’s so great about it?

JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language that runs in a web browser and is supported by all major browsers. Getting started with JavaScript requires a simple editor like notepad and a browser where you can run your code. No frameworks, no runtime environments, no IDE. You could however use an editor of your choice for typing and intellisense support. There are plenty of online JavaScript editors as well that provide you all the basic IDE support with ability to run your code and see the output right there. Few of them to list are plunkerjsfiddle and codepen. Plunker is my favorite and I don’t have a strong justification for that. I just happen to use it.:)

JavaScript is great because it’s responsive and requires less server interaction. It’s great because of its cool features like prototypical inheritance, closures and functions as objects.

A very good example of JavaScript in action is this. Few more good examples are this and this.

Final words

JavaScript has come a long way since it’s birth in 1995 (it was named LiveScript then). From being an immature language which was limited to form validation and applying some styles on your pages, it has grown up to one of the most important languages to learn and invest in years to come. Combining it with HTML5 and CSS makes it possible to develop super cool web apps with all the awesomeness you see on the web today.

Hope this article will create some curiosity and make you think of learning JavaScript if you haven’t done yet. My next post will take you through the goods and evils of JavaScript.

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    Delighted to know about this website. It ignited my thirst of learning Java. Being honest, I had just started reading Java few days back after working my entire life in mainframe. Appreciate your blog and thoughts of making your knowledge available to world. Waiting to read more here. Thank you.

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